My artwork aims to question the norms, conventions, values and morals of life in the world we live in. I generate work that mirrors behaviours that I see in popular culture to comment on the stripped away reality of our ways of life. I try to bring as much of my own life experiences into my work as I do not separate myself in my critique.

My process uses mixed media collage to explore these ideas further, through installation, constructed paintings, sculpture and performance. By juxtaposing familiar materials for example household, readymade and found objects, I utilise parts of the human form that I consider to awkward, to comment on identity, subcultures, gender roles and sexuality through dark humour.

My influences source from reality TV shows, erotic magazines, fashion and the instant culture we live in. The placement and aesthetics of my work are of a raw and playful nature. I employ the commonplace object alongside the man-made to create a new understanding of subjectivity through producing ambiguous works.